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Apr 20, 2018 | Posted by Miosay Tirado | Lifestyle

We are proud to congratulate Venezuelan expert in hyperrealistic micropigmentation, Karen Paba. With only four years in the United States, she is already making a difference in her community. Paba took the initiative in creating the unique and exclusive PabaTechnique.

Karen Paba, started “Dono Mis Cejas” an event that invites Oncology (cancer) patients to a complimentary massage, makeover, facial, and of course a micropigmentation treatment. She is categorized as “La artista del Rostro” by People en Espanol. This is what she had to say about this caratative event that took place during Women’s History Month. PulsoPOP: How did this initiative came to life? Karen: I have done over 7 thousand eyebrows. We have taken care of more than 10,000 patients in the course of three years. This event is in gratitude of all the blessings this beautiful country has giving me, it is a way to give back. I am grateful for life and specially god because he gives me health and prosperity. I am lucky to be a source of employment for many and be able to empower these women who are going through a rough time in their lives. I plan on doing “Dono Mis Cejas” throughout the whole year and this event is to show them love. PulsoPOP: How many events have you put together? Karen: So far we have put two events together, the first one was in October of 2017, in which we got to treat 12 people. Every time more and more people are willing to participate. This one done in March is not the first and I can assure you it won’t be the last one. We hope to put together a minimum of three per year to keep empowering and making a difference in these beautiful women’s lives. We not only want them to look better, but we want them to feel better, so they can overcome everything much faster!

PulsoPOP: Which patient’s story has touched your heart the most? Karen: There was a patient back in October, who we actually found out about 15 days ago that she had passed away, unfortunately she is no longer with us. But, It is gratifying that her family actually called us telling us she had been extremely happy after we did her eyebrows. They let us know her self esteem improved as well as her health. These are the kind of things that fill our souls. I don’t have words to describe this feeling. RELATED: This Latina Plus-Size Model Is Dressing Like Your Favorite Celebs To Make An Empowering Point [PHOTOS] Karen Paba has definitely given beauty and hope to thousands of women suffering from cancer. We hope more people like her contribute to this cause and support her, so she continues helping others!

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